February 12, 2010

what i do during class

i am in college, and I have to go to class. class is usually beyond boring, so i occupy my time by doodling. here are some doodles from my notebook:

my interpretation of the flying purple people eater

lyrics a la ke$ha

thelma got cut out. she was ugly.

here is a full page of notes if you were interested in mass media effects.

random eyes

this poor blog has been neglected for the past week, due mostly to school. as you can see, i am in class for the majority of the time and when i'm not in class, i'm doing homework. it's a terrible cycle. i'm going to try to write everyday, because this blog is just too darn cute to not continue! i won't let it die!!


  1. You would love the Tim Burton exhibit here.

  2. i would really realllly love it! when is it on till?