December 14, 2010

long time no post

Whoa! It's been more than a month since I did a blog post. Here is a list of excuses: finals week, being sick, and having nothing to say. 

I have actually been doing a lot of drawing lately. I read somewhere that creativity is like a muscle, so when you don't draw for a while, you have to ease back into it. It is so true! If I don't draw for a while, it feels like my hand doesn't work right.

Side note- I am trying to think of a different name for my blog. I have never been 100% behind it. Also, Alfie's nickname changes so frequently and I haven't called him CC Moonie in like a year. His most recent monikers are Mooey Moo and Sweetie Moo. I have no idea where these names come from. I am weird. If you have any blog name suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated :).

I am driving home tomorrow. NOT FUN. I hate driving to begin with. Add an eight hour drive and a restless cat and it is torturous. 

More later!

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