October 10, 2010

what i do during class:

a sketch from my school notebook

Paying attention in class is hard for me. 

There are two choices for note-taking in class. You can either use a computer or a notebook. Either choice is a distraction. If I take my laptop, I WILL read blogs for the majority of the class. If I bring my notebook, I WILL doodle. Doodling and blog reading takes precedence over note-taking. 

What makes the situation worse is that my classes this semester aren't really  notes-intensive classes. If I knew I needed to take notes, I definitely would. But for my classes, the notes are either online or there are no tests. So, really how can you expect me to take notes, especially when I get brilliant ideas for drawings like the one above? (note: i took liberties with the word choice "brilliant")

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