May 11, 2010

new york, new york

after two stressful flights with my cat alfred (who was surprisingly relaxed), i have arrived in new york. my mom is staying with me at my apartment for two weeks and my best friend brittany is coming the 17th, which is also the first day of my internship. very overwhelming. i already miss kyle because i'm a big baby.

this summer will consist of
1) late-night talks with brit
2) working everyday 9-5
3) gym 5x a week
4) healthy eating
5) hanging out with sam!!
6) museum visits
7) flea markets
8) wandering around the city in search of a happy hour with kels
9) walking, walking, walking
10) reading
11) creating
12) living
13) happiness.

it seems that the last 5 of the list are givens, but i felt that they needed to be included because of their importance.

this will be a good summer.

1 comment:

  1. I concur with the exclamation points.

    PS- Pizza and rootbeer being the first meal in 10 hours right before bed... not a good idea. Not a grownup good idea. Haha.