March 8, 2010


i've become obsessed with dollhouses lately.

i have been looking at different kits and trying to pick one that i want to get. i am most excited to paint it and furnish it. here are two i have had my eye on:

the westville

the fairfield

i had a dollhouse when i was younger, but it wasn't very intricate. i would play in it with these little bears that i used to collect.

i know exactly what i want to inhabit my beautiful, grown-up dollhouse. these strange german fur mice that i have been collecting since i was little. these mice are hysterical, adorable, and kind of disturbing. my current collection consists of a bride, groom, bridesmaid, ballerina, cop, and matador. i love them.

i discovered this little orphan annie mouse and i'm pretty sure i need to add her to my collection.

i really hope these dollhouse kits are aren't super hard to do. i have little to no talent in woodwork. but i'll keep you posted.

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